Our Story




     Chef Tomas Perez’s appreciation for fresh, healthy food started at a young age and only continued to develop since childhood. Tomas was raised in a rural part of Southern Mexico with his family who planted, harvested, and consumed anything they could grow. Their farm was always abundant with crops that included rice, beans, sugar cane, and a variety of vegetables.

     When moving to Los Angeles, one of the biggest culture shocks for Tomas was not the tall buildings or the many cars – it was the food. He was pleasantly surprised at what LA had to offer in terms of access to fresh, quality produce. Having been use to harvesting from his own backyard, Tomas quickly became a regular at many of the Farmer’s Markets available in the area, all the while staying true to his commitment of eating consciously. Tomas grew up with the principles of organic eating very near and dear to his heart. He believes in the power behind farm-to-table eating habits, and is passionate about food that is free of pesticides and genetic manipulation. This ideology and lifestyle intertwine with Tomas and the results are shown in his work.

Enjoyable food is always on the menu with Chef Tomas. With his dedication to food origin as well as his clients’ well-being, the meals presented can be enjoyed wholly. This knowledge is evident in Tomas’ creative understanding of superfood, vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy, gluten-free, and other dietary alternatives. His menus feature a variety of eclectic fusions and unique elements of his experience with French, Italian, American, Cuban, Mexican, Argentine, and Spanish cuisines. Chef Tomas’ passion for providing the same farm-to-table experience for his clients is the focal point of his service. An expert in sourcing the finest and freshest organic, locally grown ingredients, Tomas creates unique food experiences ranging from event catering to personal dinners. Clients are always pleased with the delicious variations and delightful presentations found in every meal.

     Partnering with Chef Tomas is Chef Eric Rockwell, whom together are committed  to providing clients with top quality service. Growing up in the Los Angeles area, Chef Eric got his start with cooking at an early age. In his Italian-American household, his father, Rocky, had a passion for cooking and using ingredients direct from their own backyard garden. It was this exposure that nurtured Chef Eric’s understanding for food into a much admired pastime.

     Eager to share his knowledge, Chef Eric pursued a career in the culinary arts after college, landing jobs with The Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. Studios, and Baxter Pharmaceuticals. He has an affinity for all things chocolate and sweet and specializes in desserts. In his free time, he enjoys making homemade ice cream and  also works with Ellwood Canyon Farms at local farmer’s markets, staying true to his roots in horticulture.

     By having similar upbringings centered around food and where it comes from,  Chef Tomas and Chef Eric each contribute their passion, knowledge, and skill to make for a special experience. The synergy between them paves the way for a seamless culinary production, naturally curating a complete experience available for any occasion, mood, or environment.


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