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Chef in Los Angeles posing in the kitchen

Private Chef Thomas Perez started his culinary career at a young age growing up on a family farm. It was through this experience that he was able to cultivate an appreciation and understanding of food, from source to plate. Developing his knowledge with every opportunity, Chef Thomas honed skills under executive chefs that naturally led him into the world of working as a private chef. In this area of culinary ability, Chef Thomas has flourished as a master of food as he combines his passion for nutrition with the professional ease in his execution. Any meal created by Chef Thomas Perez is a true masterpiece of flavor.


Private Chef Eric Rockwell is a chef of comparable passions, but with an emphasis on the sweet things in life. It was at a local farmers’ market that they crossed professionals paths. He  started off their friendship by exchanging culinary ideas with Chef Thomas, ultimately leading to their partnership. Similarly to Chef Thomas, Private Chef Eric believes in responsibly sourced food that tastes good and is good for you. With this core belief, Chef Eric creates desserts that will have your taste buds demanding for more!

Together, Chef Thomas and Chef Eric create a culinary moment-from start to finish-that is unlike any thing else you have experienced. One will come to find that there is no other way to dine than with CHEF IN LOS ANGELES