Unforgettable Memories

Are made through the experiences that surround them. Food can be a great catalyst in creating those moments in life. Our services are aimed at eliminating the work on your part, so that you can truly enjoy yourself. Dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, sporting or business events, no celebration is too big or small!

Exceptional meals

Begin with the best ingredients and we could not be more determined about bringing them to you. We source from the best local markets and growers for all of our products and passionately believe in the positive impact it has on one’s life.

 SPECTACULAR Presentation

Is always the first impression given of a meal. It is a natural reaction to base taste expectations off of what is presented on a plate, so a meal should not only look good but taste it as well. This is a key principle to us and we will set before you a meal that you will remember even after it is long gone.


Save time and energy by having us do your grocery shopping and meal preparation

Avoid all-day cooking and clean up for events, allowing you to enjoy yourself and your loved ones

Get guidance with structuring a healthy routine into your daily eating habits

Gain 10+ hours a week and use it to do more of the things you love

Impress family, friends, and coworkers with a wholesome, quality meal they will never forget

Nothing beats coming home from a long day to a fresh and delicious meal awaiting you


We specialize in quality, personal service for any type of occasion

We are adaptable to any event space or venue

We offer service throughout the Los Angeles area

We have complete meal planning and service options available

We will always provide dietary alternatives for you and your guests

We strive to make your event a true celebration


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