All meals offered are structured according to your personal likes and dislikes. Quality is never sacrificed for any accommodation and the highest standard of knowledge is applied to all dishes and food lifestyles. Any dietary restrictions or preferences are always taken into consideration therefore offering you an unique, individualized experience only available to you!

Is the key to bringing one-of-a-kind meals to you. When shopping for clients, ingredients and products are all locally sourced, maintaining the highest standard for our products. With our food services, the best dishes made with the finest ingredients are always on the menu.

Allows the maximum possible flavor and nutritional value to be profiled in our dishes. By making health-conscious substitutions, we create a variety of wholesome meals while respecting any dietary specifications, therefore eliminating any unnecessary additives or preservatives. Flavor should never be sacrificed, and we adept in making these changes while still highlighting the true flavor profile of the meal itself.

Chef Tomas has worked in some of the top five-star restaurants in LA, also having worked under Executive Chef Michael Beck, who was voted #1 Chef in California in 2003. In addition, Chef Tomas works privately for the Beverly Hills Food Network and its various affiliates. Through these experiences, he believes in passing along this acquired knowledge and private cooking classes are just one way he does so. Whether you are looking for a new hobby or want to strengthen a current one, our private cooking classes are perfect this. Along with learning meal preparation and execution, you will be provided with a perspective on the importance of understanding agriculture from farm to table. Chef Tomas believes in the healing power through food in which eating more consciously not only nourishes our bodies, but our minds as well.

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